Digital Marketing in 2019 is sure to be scary

Digital marketing will most likely change in 2019. And unfortunately, you aren’t going to like a lot of things connected with changes.

And no, we don’t mean different from a competition standpoint. You already know that all marketing gets more expensive and more competitive every year. That’s merely a given.

One of the big causes we’re seeing promotional that is digital so much is due to the use of new technologies. But also because the internet is getting saturated there are 1,805,260,010 websites on the internet.

That suggests there is 1 site for every 4 people in this world. That’s crazy! There must be a lot of people doing digital marketing too.

SEO won’t look the same

I’m launching with this one you are going to hate, because I know : SEO is moving to voice search.

In 2018, 2 out of every 5 adults used voice search once per day. But in 2020, 50% of all searches will be done through voice search according to ComScore.

And it won’t just be users speaking into their microphone on their mobile phone or laptop, 30% of web browsing won’t even simply take put on a device with a display screen. That means more people will be searching through products like Google Home or Alexa.

I know you don’t like this because every time i blog about voice search, no one seriously reads the article.

Well, being on page 1 isn’t important to digital marketing

At least, when it comes to voice search. Either Google pulls from your site or they don’t.

And secondly, conversions from voice search will be decreased considering the fact that people won’t be viewing your site. Google will you need to be giving them the answer. At the least, until we can figure out just how to resolve this as marketers.

But in place of focusing on voice search as a thing that is bad just consider it like this, no one cares to read material about this, so this means most SEOs won’t be prepared for it.

That is your possibility to get in front of your competition and gobble up that traffic before the market shifts into using voice.

But let’s look at the older updates…

On 17, 2015, Google released Panda 4.2 july. You are understood by me could have hated the Panda upgrade, but it wasn’t too bad. All did that is google get rid of spammy sites with low-quality content.

Contrary to the current digital marketing belief system, They didn’t wish to rank web sites that had thousands of 300-word web log posts with duplicate content.

Could you blame them for that?

And what about the change Google made on Sept 27, 2016, the Penguin 4.0 update?

In most cases, they would devalue those links instead they no longer would just penalize you if you built spammy links.

Meaning if you did something shady like buy a ton of backlinks and get caught, those links would just be de-valued instead of causing your internet site to be banned. That is not a smart digital marketing move.

Now they are becoming more technical and harder to beat if you look at the latest algorithm updates. Plus it’s simply because technology is developing so fast.

Google not any longer has to just check metrics like backlink and content count to find out if a site ranks well

Google has one objective: to rank sites that users love the most at the top. That causes people to come back, keep using Google, and increase their overall revenue.


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