Facebook Marketing Hacks That Apply In 2019

Facebook Marketing Hacks 2019

Marketing to potential customers becomes easier and easier as each year passes. This is especially true with the continual takeover of digital marketing…more specifically, social media marketing. Facebook is the cream of the crop of all social media networks when it comes to advertising. Businesses can reach millions of new consumers at the click of a mouse, swipe of a phone or tap on a tablet. If you’re just starting a new business in 2019 or have been in business for years, here are some quick tips. Use these tips on Facebook as you plan out your marketing strategies for the coming year:

Facebook Marketing Hacks

Review Your Competitors’ Ads

Did you know that Facebook displays all the advertisements that a business page runs? This is an advantage to you especially if your competitor is unaware that you can view their ads. You can run a naturally competitive one right alongside theirs to compete with their messages, sales or pitches.

To get to this gold mine of information, head over to any company page and locate the “Info and Ads” link on the left-hand menu bar (typically at the bottom) and click. It will then display all the company’s current ad campaigns, if any, including those running in different countries. You can also view if the ads are just on Facebook, Instagram (since Facebook does own Instagram, in case you didn’t know or forgot), Facebook Messenger and Facebook’s Company Products (WhatsApp, Oculus, etc…).

Do More Video Ads, Less Text

Videos are more engaging. Potential customers don’t have to read dialogue and can multitask while receiving your company’s messages.

You can use videos to introduce new products, give updates, share product information, give mini tutorials or offer behind-the-scenes footage or vlogs (video logs) of your product being used or made to showcase, in real time, what they can expect when they enlist your services or buy your product.

People who view video ads on Facebook are twice as likely to make a purchase from that company opposed to ones that use static or word-only ads. More than 500 million people view videos on Facebook every day.

Use Customer Match or Lookalike Audiences For New Customers

Facebook no longer allows businesses to target customers based on “Likes”. You can experiment with lookalike audiences to add more to your market share. These are people that may have similar behavior, interest and demographics like your current targeted and remarketing audiences, but aren’t in your funnel yet. This provides a whole new segment of potential customers for you to market to since they aren’t aware or have not interacted with your brand yet. But all these potential customers mirror the ones you want.

This option gives you the opportunity to reach new prospects—prospects that are different from those in your original lookalike audience, but similar enough to gain interest.

Bottom line: If you are looking to up your digital marketing game, Facebook is definitely the best way to go.

Article Written By : Jasmine Pennic

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