Freshbooks is The Best Invoicing Software For A Marketing Agency 2019

Freshbooks is a web hosted, no installation required invoicing system that works great for digital marketing agencies. Creating proposals, invoices, and even getting clients to sign agreements can all be done within one system.

As a marketing agency the biggest part of closing the deal always comes down to “Sounds great, send me a proposal!” Your next step as an agency is to continue putting your best foot forward to close the deal. Then get the signature and secure the first payment.

Closing The Deal

Freshbooks lets you do all of the above in a easy to manage system for both new and returning clients. It supports time-tracking as well for those of you that like to charge by the hour.

My biggest problem has always been getting a proper signature. This lets people know you mean business, and to treat it as serious as you treat their project.

This area is a great deal of importance to me because it lies in the hands of the invoices you deliver to be user-friendly. The easier it is for someone to pay you, the faster you get paid! Plus the added benefit that Freshbooks walks the user through the process from signature to payment.

More Features

The FreshBooks mobile app is clean and efficient. It lets you establish a list of clients, build and forward invoices, bill spending, track time on tasks and record your financial activity. Although the app is free for download, it costs $19.95 to track clients up to 25 month. It is a excellent app for businesses.

Lets not forget about FreshBooks top notch customer service as well. These guys have amazing reviews from just about everyone that uses them, which means you getting your money on time is important to them as well.

Although creating branded invoices is a breeze, sometimes I wished for just a little more customization. Who knows, the guys at FreshBooks may just update it soon enough and give us even more to be excited about.


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