How ClickFunnels One Click Upsells Increase Revenue

The power of ClickFunnels lies in many different places, but its most valuable feature is in its one click upsell.

A product of yours might have a low conversion rate. Most likely this will be under 2%. However if you look at this from the perspective of upselling and cross-selling you can still stand to profit.

Simply offering your customers another product that is in line with the current offer could land you a ton of extra money. The beauty of it is that they can make an extra purchase with just one click.

Setting up upsells with ClickFunnels is a very quick process that is easy to follow. That means in just a few clicks of a button, you can increase your revenue with an extra product.

The other big secret behind the success of the ClickFunnels strategy is testing. The ability to split test a page in a scientific approach gives you room to improve your sales pages. This type of testing leads to data driven results on the back end.

From building a front end list, to receiving payments in a quick and efficient manner, ClickFunnels has it all. Plus with mobile friendly pages and a drag and drop editing system, even a beginner can increase their sales.

A great place to begin learning about funnels and how they can help your business, is starting with the 14 Day Free Trial! This gives you a chance to see how easy the system works. Give it a try to increase your sales today.


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