The 7 Most Common Digital Marketing Campaign Mistakes

When creating a digital marketing campaign your product or service, you need to have a firm understanding of a few things: your audience, your message, your offer, and the timing of your campaign.

Too often, novice marketers, and even digital marketing veterans, make mistakes that result in poor performance of their campaign. Common marketing mistakes can be avoided with adequate planning, attention to detail, and ongoing evaluation. If you’re considering a digital marketing campaign be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Here’s how to avoid common digital marketing mistakes.

Timing: If your timing is off, your results will be, too – regardless of your offer.

I have seen some very expensive digital marketing campaigns that failed to produce results. This is due to the campaign reaching consumers at a time in which they had no interest in buying. For example, trying to sell snow shovels in July would not be considered good timing.

Failure to Test Your Headline: Your headline is the first thing your prospect usually reads.

This means that it is essential for luring your customers to the offer. Regardless of the medium, you should continually test your headlines by running split tests. Evaluate the response to ensure that your message attracts the largest number of prospective buyers.

Failure to Test Your Offer: 

Always remember, your offer is directly correlated to 40% of the response. If you have the right offer, people respond. Offers can range from discounts to hurry while supplies last. Test your offers for optimal response.

Have a Good List: Great Design Isn’t Enough

For just about any digital marketing campaign, success is directly tied to having a targeted list. With today’s sophisticated list creating tools, its more about creating lists that are segmented based on demographics, buying behavior, and more. The key here is not to be cheap and make sure you collect the data.

Relying on a Single Communication:

Consumers are hit with over 2,000 marketing messages everyday, such as online ads. Studies have indicated that consumers need to see your marketing message 12 times before they take notice. If there is any truth to the claims, it means that you must communicate to prospects on a regular basis. Placing a single ad in the newspaper or sending a single email cannot deliver effective results. Determine the media that prospects use, and you can develop a campaign that works well within your budget.

Not Measuring Campaign Effectiveness: You are going to do a lot of marketing over time.

You need to track your results, regardless of the digital marketing campaign size or expense. You can use a simple spreadsheet, or a CRM system. The bottom line is, you need to record what works and what doesn’t. You can improve your results in the future this way.

Failure to Continue the Dialogue:  Don’t fail to communicate to customers on an ongoing basis.

Often, consumers or businesses only hear from the seller when its time to buy again. If you have an established customer base, certainly you’ve worked hard to acquire them. You should be spending some of your digital marketing budget to retain them. Be sure to open a dialogue with customers, solicit their feedback, and communicate with them regularly.

Above all, learn from the mistakes of others, too.
Whether you’re new to digital marketing, or have experience, be sure to learn from the mistakes of others. To be successful, continually work towards improving your effectiveness. Avoid the seven most common marketing mistakes, and you’re on your way to great results.


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