Traffic Ivy Review : How Real Organic Traffic Drives Results

Traffic Ivy Review

Looking for an honest Traffic Ivy Review? We all know the biggest difference maker in success on the web is traffic. Everyone online is in pursuit of large numbers.

On the contrary, those of us in the know realize that its not just the numbers that count. Knowing how many of the numbers relate to REAL people is what matters most. The best way to get a lot of real organic traffic from a viral standpoint? Shares.

Here’s where “Traffic Ivy” comes into play. For example, this new Viral traffic platform gives you trackable shares for your content. With a growing network of websites and social media accounts, this can play to your benefit. You get real people and websites to share your content, and as a result you receive organic traffic from the shares on their network.

Not only does this boost traffic, but it also gets you some great link juice in google if you happen to be promoting a blog post or website. The initial offering comes with a certain amount of “points” depending on the package you purchase. I would suggest buying the bigger package if you are going to try this out, because the points get a lot more expensive later.

However, if you want to share other links and content from the network, you can always build your points back up for FREE. With this in mind you can keep a healthy pay it forward mentality, while stocking up on some points and shares for yourself.


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